Bubblegum Ice Cream – only 3 ingredients

bubble gum ice cream using extractsRed or Blue or to compliment you..try All Star Extract’s Bubblegum Flavoring to create delicious Bubblegum Ice Cream.

  • 2 teaspoons All Star Extracts Bubblegum Flavoring
  • 1.42/1.5 Qt of your favorite vanilla ice cream
  • For pink bubble gum ice cream add 10 drops of red food coloring OR forĀ  a blue bubblegum ice cream, add 10 drops of blue food coloring


  • Let ice cream thaw a few minutes then spoon to your mixing bowl
  • Mix until soft
  • Add in the 2 teaspoons of All Star Bubblegum Flavoring
  • Now decide on red or blue bubblegum ice cream and use the color drops you need
  • Freeze for 8 hours or overnight in a plastic container with a cover or return to ice cream carton.
  • Yield: Makes 12 (1/2) cup servings
  • Put into an ice cream cone or dish, enjoy!!

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